Copper Country Parks

The Copper Country and its 4 counties are blessed with some of the finest parks in the world. Isle Royale National Park, a national park of world renown, is situated in the middle of Lake Superior and belongs in Keweenaw County.  The Keweenaw National Historical Park encompasses areas in Houghton, Keweenaw and Ontonagon Counties and is feverishly under development creating much excitement in the local communities.  Our counties are also filled with state parks, township parks, municipal parks, and privately owned parks and campgrounds.

National Parks and Campgrounds

While Isle Royale remains the most pristine of all the parks in the Copper Country, the Keweenaw National Historical Park with its focus on the mining history of the Copper Country will hopefully, as it is developed, preserve the unique heritage of the Copper Country.  While these two national parks dominate people's attention, other less well know national forest campgrounds are located throughout the Copper Country.

State Parks and Campgrounds

From the Porcupine Mountains State Park in Ontonagon County to Craig Lake State Park in Baraga County, the Copper Country is blessed with excellently supervised state parks, trail systems, and picnic facilities that accommodate the thousands of summer visitors to our area.  

 Township, Municipal, and County Parks

Agate Beach, a township park in Elm River Township, Houghton county, and the Hancock City Beach and Campgrounds are just two of the many parks and campgrounds that service the growing desire of both local people and our visitors to get out into the woods and onto the beaches to enjoy the great outdoors.

Privately owned Campgrounds

Scattered throughout the four counties are several privately owned campgrounds, including the Ojibwa Recreation Area and Campgrounds of the Indian Community in Baraga County, which further serve the visitors to the Copper Country and often serve as a destination for many people year after year.