Lodging in the Copper Country

Are you thinking about visiting the Copper Country and need a place to stay.  The Copper Country has motels, hotels, cabins, cottages, campgrounds, and bed & breakfast  to accommodate your needs. 

Should you be considering moving into the Copper Country, the many real estate agencies will help you locate your home of choice.  The local contractors can help you build the home of your dreams or a second home that you might use during our beautiful summers or a place to come so that you might enjoy our winters and the many winter sports.

Like any tourist center, the Copper Country has many diverse experiences with its motels/hotels.  The long lakeshore lines of Lake Superior are dotted with motels.   Because of the influence of Michigan Technological University, Houghton County has many motels and hotels in close proximity to the University some of which have conference centers.  Many of the motels along the waterfronts are situated to allow for broad views of the lakeshores and waterways. 

Many people prefer to enjoy themselves by a lake in the many cabins and cottages  that are conveniently set up for a week vacation  with a homelike environment.  As the snowmobiling experience continues to grow, many cottages and cabins are located along snowmobile trails that  allow for easy access to the trail system which spans not only the Copper Country but interlocks with the entire Upper Peninsula

Throughout the Copper Country are fine old homes that were once the proud reflections of wealth generated by mining, lumber, and entrepreneurs catering to these industries.  Many of these homes have been preserved and renovated within to accommodate a special lodging experience.  Each of these homes provide unique experiences for their guests.

The Copper Country is truly blessed with many wonderful and excellent campgrounds, from the national campgrounds and  state campgrounds, to the local township and city campgrounds, and to the privately owned campgrounds.  Camping of every variety is offered throughout the Copper Country,  providing rich opportunities in hiking, beaches, and historical points of interest. Campgrounds are both remote and close to towns.  Whatever is one's desired interest in camping, the Copper Country has the answer.

People are retiring and seeking to move back into the Copper Country, people are seeking a rural environment to raise their children, people are desiring to attend a university, and people are interested in just moving from one home to another.  For each of these people, the Copper Country boasts many fine real estate agencies and agents willing and able to be of service.  Because of the size of the Copper Country and the smaller number of people living here, our agents understand the communities very well and have the ability to assist people in locating the home of their choice.

The Copper Country is a wonderful place to build a log home amid the pines and forests that are abundant throughout our area.  Log homes can be found throughout the Copper Country and the art of building log homes has remained here. 

Due to the low interest rates and the growing population of the Copper Country, home contractors are in high demand.  Each contractor is willing to work individually with the owner to help them build the home of their choice.  Homes throughout the Copper Country do not follow the pattern of build-them-all the same communities in the rest of the country, but seek to build  unique homes that will fit the needs of each family.