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Aura Jamboree



Aura held its 32nd Annual Aura Jamboree the weekend of July 18-19, 2008.  The Jamboree is a
gathering point for regional bluegrass and acoustic musicians and features acoustic music inside the Aura Hall and jam sessions all over the grounds.Aura Town Hall

The Aura Jamboree is held in the community hall in Aura,  fifteen miles north of L’Anse, MI. Aura, a small farming community, was established in 1914 by Finnish immigrants.

The Jamboree, first dubbed "The Fiddler's Jamboree", is a fund raiser for the Aura Hall Association.  Funds raised have been used to make emergency repairs to save the historic Aura Community Hall, expand the jamboree grounds and to fund student music and art programs. Tickets for both Friday and Saturday are $10 or $5 for one day.

Aura JamboreeNo auditions are required and the depth of your repertoire is not important. The grounds around the hall are set with small tents and folding chairs. Groups of musicians jam as experienced musicians accompany the most novice. 

The Jamboree annually attracts musicians from throughout the Midwest playing everything from guitars, to fiddles, to accordions,  to spoons; all without amplification.  The only electric gear allowed is the P-A System in the Hall.

There are food and refreshments on the grounds.

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