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Ontonagon's 1st Snow-Go-Bye Festival

Written by Nikki Weide
All photos were taken by Nikki Weide
Nikki Weide was accompanied by her friend Amanda throughout the Festival.

Friday March 4th 2005:

Downtown games- I wasn't able to make it to all of these, instead I went to my brothers play. Included in these activities were:
-Chicken bowling - Kids rolled frozen chickens to knock over bowling pins
-Paintball Booth - This was put on by the Ontonagon Spanish Club. It was located next to Citizens State Bank. The kids were able to shoot paintball guns at hanging ceiling tiles for their targets. There were many prizes such as, Pepsi, movie passes, Ontonagon sweatshirts/ t-shirts, water bottles, and coupons for local eatery. The kids had a blast even though Tammi Lancioni, the Spanish club leader was getting annoyed because most of the kids were obnoxious. I think they had a great time!
-Arcade games- I have no clue what these are, I just know that there was a few more happening.

Senior Citizen Prom/Dinner

This was sponsored by the Candlelight Inn. From 4-6pm there was visitation and a dinner which included a buffet. This was followed by dancing and dance competitions. These competitions consisted of the twist, slow-fast, and the waltz. The winners of these competitions were as follows: Phyllis Hofbauer and Pat HIll with the twist, Carol and Howard Walters with slow-fast, and Eli and Dorothy Kero with the waltz. The king and queen were crowned at the end of the party which was exactly at 8:00 p.m. The king was Bob Hill and the queen was Dorothy Kero. Bob Hill and Dorothy Kero received gift certificates and led the antique snowmobile parade on Saturday.

Amanda and I went to the Candlelight around 4:15 and people were just arriving. The hosts Sandy Baker and Candy Floyd greeted us. They said we didn't have to be there until 6 p.m. when the dance started. It was funny though because we showed up in jeans and sweatshirts while they were all in their fancy evening wear. Amanda and I were extremely embarrassed so we were happy to go home to change. After we were ready we headed back to the Candlelight with Amanda's grandma around quarter to six. They signed our names and put them in a bucket to be eligible to win prom queen. I however didn't care to be put in the bucket but Candy felt the urge to enter me. I tried to decline but she wouldn't allow it. Then we went and sat down, were waited on and enjoyed taking pictures of the elderly couples. Candy and Sandy also made it enjoyable because they weren't afraid to make a fool of themselves. They did an awesome job, being it was their first. Then after all the dance competitions and dancing were over they announced the winners of the prom king and queen. Amanda and I were dreading the thought of who was going to be picked. I had a sudden feeling that i was going to be the prom queen, just because I didn't dance, and I always tend to win things I don't need or want. Anyways Candy said something about all her love going to this person, so I of course figured it wasn't me or Amanda and was relieved. Unfortunately, my name was announced and I practically died. It was horrible, I knew that I was going to picked. I pleasantly declined, even though the waiter guy was really pushing for me to become queen. I didn't feel that it was necessary to ride in the parade with some elderly guy anyways. Overall we had a great time and I think all of the elderly couples did as well.

Saturday March 5th 2005

Snowmobile races- This event was taken place behind the Y101 Radio Station from 11-6. Amanda and I attended off and on through out the day. Skip Schultz was the radio announcer, he did a pretty decent job. We took a few pictures, but we didn't really understand what was going on. There was a lot of people racing and a huge crowd. People were able to purchase hot dogs, coffee, pop, and snow-go-by buttons. It was extremely cold standing out there, I give credit for everyone who stood out there for many hours. (Results of snowmobile races are below).


Maze- This event was taken place all weekend at the Ontonagon Grade School soccer field. People were able to come and go as they please. It was a fun and cheap way to entertain younger kids.

Snowshoe Races- This event was taken place at the Ontonagon Golf Course put on by Kelly from the fitness center and assisted by the National Honor Society. It was held from 2-4 p.m. We arrived probably around 2:30, at that point there was 4 kids participating. The kids had to go through an obstacle course on snowshoes. In order the course consisted of: throw a hula-hoop onto a cone, toss a football through a hole in a piece of wood, dress a snowman, pull a sled full of snow to the next obstacle which was to climb under a platform and blow a bubble, then they had to zigzag through hay bails to climb under another platform to run to the finish line with a balloon between their legs. It was extremely funny to watch the kids fall down and just have a really good time. This was a timed race which each of them received a prize. 1st place was Daryl Goodreau, 2nd place was Ryan ?, 3rd place was Isabel Maki, and 4th place was Daphene Maki. All the participants received ribbons and prizes which they got from a grab bag.

Snowman Contest- This event was around the village of Ontonagon. Amanda and I drove around looking for them but we only managed to find 3 but unfortunately the 3rd one was extremely pathetic looking. Although it was extremely fun to try and find them and it was really funny to see how pathetic that one looked.

Snow angel contest- This event was taken place at the Community Christian Center in Ontonagon. We drove there to find nothing. There was no kids, but we did find 2 angels in the snow. We didn't manage to take any pictures of this.

Bonfire- This event took place at the Ontonagon Marina. We thought it was going to be held at 8:00, well at least that was what it said in the paper. However when we were arriving, everyone was leaving. We didn't know what to think, it was sad that we missed it because we were really looking forward to it. However, we were able to capture the very ending of the fire, practically just before it went out. Very sad!!

All Weekend

The Ontonagon Drama Club had put on a play at the Ontonagon Library. This was taken place from Thursday through Sunday. The play was titled "I Never Saw Another Butterfly". It was about the German Nazi's and the Jewish families during the time of the Holocaust. The cast was as follows: Allison Gregorich played Raja Englanderova, Adan Alaniz played Raja's father, Ellen Bonzell played Raja's mother, Amiee Lefebvre played Vera Raja's aunt, Steve Sewell played Pavel Raja's brother, Rachael Wilber played Erika a neighbor, Megan Waters played Irena Synkova a teacher, Stacy Milbourn played Renka a teachers assistant, Lizze Corser played Irca Pawvels fiancée, Dave Weide played Honza Raja's friend, Mith Tarbutton played the Rabbi, Jenna Sharkey played child 1, Mike Kioski played child 2, Kaisa Blake played child 3, Rachael Wilber played child 4, and the loud speaker was Dreak O'Connell.

CopperCountry.Com wants to thank Nikki Weide and her friend Amanda for all the hard work and great reporting they did through the weekend.  Nikki is an 11th grader at Ontonagon High School.

98 racers competed in 15 classes on a new drag strip in Ontonagon.  Copper Country drivers dominated the Stock races, with Brian Buschell and Paul Voelker, both of Laurium each earning a pair of first on Ski-Doo sleds.

Results of the Snowmobile races

120cc Stock
1. Jordan Wolfe, Polaris, Ironwood
2. Cory Wascher, Arctic Cat, Greenland

120cc Improved
1. Cyle Wascher, Arctic Cat, Greenland

Vintage 400
1. Rick Rickard, Sno-Jet, Lake Linden

Vintage 600
1. Bill Larson, Yamaha, Wetmore, MI
3. Chris Nordang, Arctic Cat, Ontonagon

Stock 600 Fan
1. Mike Kirtland, Arctic Cat, Greenland
2. Warren Mattson, Polaris, Painesdale
3. Phil Edwards, Polaris, L'Anse

Stock 500
1. Scott Kovala, Polaris, Houghton
2. Jared Manderfield, Polaris, Houghton
3. Mike Kirtland, Arctic Cat, Greenland

Stock 600
1. Brian Buschell, Ski-Doo, Laurium
2. Michael Truscott, Arctic Cat, Greenland
3. Kyle Bianco, Polaris, L'Anse

Stock 700
1. Brian Buschell, Ski-Doo, Laurium
2. Michael Truscott, Arctic Cat, Greenland

Stock 800
1. Paul Voelker, Ski-Doo, Laurium
2. Al Turin, Polaris, Greenland
3. Brian Buschell, Ski-Doo, Laurium

Open Stock
1. Paul Voelker, Ski-Doo, Laurium
2. Al Turin, Polaris, Greenland
3. Michael Truscott, Arctic Cat, Greenland

Mod 500
1. Matt LaCrosse, Ski-Doo, Champion
2. Rick Rickard, Sno-Jet, Lake Linden
3. Scott Kovala, Polaris, Houghton

Mod 600
1. Matt LaCrosse, Ski-Doo, Champion
2. Brian Buschell, Ski-Doo, Laurium
3. Josh Comfort, Polaris, Houghton

Mod 700
1. Ryan Marinelli, Arctic Cat, Painesdale

Mod 800
1. Ken Seppanen, Arctic Cat, Michagamee
2. Al Turin, Polaris, Greenland

Open Mod
1. Al Turin, Polaris, Greenland
2. Michael Truscott, Polaris, Greenland

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