Dining in the four counties of the Copper Country has special appeal for  local residents, Michigan Technological University and Finlandia University faculties  and students, and for the thousands of tourists who visit our counties every year.  We have highlighted main categories of dining for your interest and encourage you to enjoy your meal time with the many wonderful and interesting dining experiences.

Within each of our counties, motel, hotels, and and specialized restaurants seek to provide you with delicious, mouth watering and wide menu varieties of food for your evening dining.  Many of these fine dining restaurants have lunch menus and some also provide catering services and will host special occasions in private rooms.

Many different types of restaurants populate our counties, most serve morning, lunch, and evening menus, with some specializing in local foods.  These restaurants are the backbone of the dining experience in the Copper Country.  Each restaurant seeks the high standards expected by the local residents and the brisk tourism trade.  Many of these restaurants are local landmarks and each serves as a social center for the local communities.

The Copper Country is world renown for its famous pasties.  Though pasties today are made through the Upper Peninsula, the Copper Country, because of the Cornish influence in the local copper mines, became synonymous with Pasty.  Most local grocery stores sell pasties, but it is always enjoyable to sit down in a restaurant and enjoy the pasty dining experience.

New to the Copper Country dining experience has been the ever expanding fast food restaurants with the majority found within the Houghton community due to the university's youth impact.  The idea is beginning to catch on and other communities are quickly getting into the fast action.  New chains are continuing to explore the idea of whether they too ought to expand into the area.

Also new to the Copper Country are the delightful growth of tea and coffee shops specializing in the growing popularity in the various types of coffee and tea from around the world.  These small shops are seeking various methods of providing small room experiences with high focus on coziness, comfort, and uniqueness.  These shops are providing a wonderful alternative for many folks who enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea.

Looking for someone to cater your banquet, anniversary, wedding, birthday, or whatever you are considering that needs lots of food.  The Copper Country has a variety of caterers capable of handling whatever need you have.