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Isle Royale National Park Gallery

The following pictures were taken during a recent camping trip to Isle Royale by Michael and Paul Beiring and are presented to help a visitor get a feel for the richness of Isle Royale.

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Approaching Rock Harbor aboard the Isle Royale Queen out of Copper Harbor.    Rock Harbor where both the Isle Royale Queen out of Copper Harbor and the Ranger out of Houghton dock and unload and load passengers.




This view of Rock Harbor is from Park Headquarters. Rock Harbor is many miles long with the mainland on the right and a barrier reef on the leave.  The barrier reef has many openings onto Lake Superior.   A welcome sight during a rainstorm but found only at the coastal campgrounds.  The shelters are screen in and dry.  In very windy days, campers learn to improvise wind breaks. 




Each shelter stands alone at a particular coastal campground but there can be as many as 10 or 12 at a site.  First come, first serve basis and when they are filled, other campers pitch tent wherever they can.   Trails inland are beautiful and the next turn is the next surprise.  Notice all the thimbleberry plants along the trail.  Near Lake Superior the berry plants ripen very late in August, while inland the thimbleberries are very ripe for the picking and eating in late July and into August.




Chickenbone Lake - as you can notice, thick foliage comes down right to the edge of the lake without any foot trails for fishing.  A canoe or kayak would be great for a perfect fishing spot.   Campsite at Chickenbone Lake Campground.  There are only a few sites at this campground but the experience is wonderful - berries abound, moose are frequent, and the loons on the lake are plentiful.




This beaver pond is located on the trail from Chickenbone Lake to MaCargoe Cove.  The bottom picture ini this series depicts a typical tree surrounding this pond that has been used by the beaver to form the pond.   MaCargoe Cove is a long inlet bay and cove on the Isle's north side.  Wonderful campground is present and is frequented by many sailing vessels.  Very picturesque!




Campground at Chickenbone East - high on the ridge above Chickenbone Lake.  It is very dry here and you will need to make sure you fill up with water before thinking of camping at this spot.   One of many vistas atop the Greenstone Ridge.  This view is looking north as a fog is rolling off Lake Superior into the inner heartland of the Isle.




Another stop on the Greenstone Ridge again looking north toward the Canadian shore.  Lake Superior is barely visible as fog is creeping into the Isle   The beaver's handiwork at the beaver pond on the trail between Chickenbone Lake and McCargoe Cove. Lots of moose hang around in this area as swamps and vegetation are plentiful.




Rock Harbor along the path from Rock Harbor headquarters to 3 Mile Campground   Fog banks can quickly move in with very little notice off of Lake Superior.  This fog bank swept into the Isle within 15 minutes of being seen.


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