Keweenaw Bay Tribal Council & Committees

The KBIC Tribal Council is comprised or 12 members elected to serve 3 year terms by the voting membership. Tribal elections are held annually in the month of December with reorganization taking place the following January. One third of the council is up for election every year.

Current Council Members

President Warren 'Chris' Swartz
Vice-President Susan Lafernier
Secretary Toni Minton
Assistant Secretary William 'Gene' Emery
Treasurer  Jennifer Misegan
Council Member Gary Loonsfoot Sr.
Council Member Elizabeth 'Popcorn' Mayo
Council Member  Isabelle Helene Welsh
Council Member Jerry Lee Curtis
Council Member Elizabeth "Chiz" Matthews
Council Member Fred Dakota
Council Member Mike LaFernier

Dec 2009 Election Results

Incumbents Jerry Lee Curtis and Warren "Chris" Swartz Jr. con in the Baraga District, narrowly beating out Debbie Parish and Donny Shalifoe, Sr.  The the L'Anse District, Eddy Michael Edwards was the top votegetter, earning 294 votes, while Susan LaFernier held her seat with 271 votes.  Incumbent Jennifer Misegan received only 159 votes.   Brad Dakota earned 201 more votes than Paul Smith to retain his chief judge position.  Results will become official at the January 2010 regular Council Meeting.


The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community has a number of committees organized to provide advisory and/or oversight for the wide variety of programs and services that the tribe provides. Committee members are chosen annually by the Tribal Council.

Current Committees and Members

Cultural Committee Marty Curtis Michael Duschene Virginia Jermac
  Jerry Jondreau Beverly Lussier Dale Minter
  Dorothy Stevens    
Enrollment Committee Kenneth Bressette Gretchen Emery Violet Friisvall
  William Jondreau Doris Roberts William Swartz
Election Board Jeanne Bouschor Jennifer Misegan  Beth Dix
  Loretta Rasanen  Diana Shannon Peggy Minton
  Kim Klopstein    
Pow-Wow Committee Christine Awonohopay George Gauthier Dale Minter
  Debra Parrish Sandra Pittsley Alden Connor
  Pauline Knapp-Spruce Warren "Chris" Swartz Cynthia Curtis
  Marty Curtis Larry Denomie Terry Denomie
Alcohol Advisory Board Jerry L. Curtis Janice Shalifoe Myrtle Tolonen
  Jennie Weiger (State FIA) Al Hendricks (Pharmacy) Geraldine Mantila
  Shirley McKasey    
Education Committee Larry Denomie Terry Denomie John Mantila
  Nancy Pawlowski Sarah Welch Lynn Haataja
  Violet M. Friisvall    
Youth Committee  Christine Awonohopay Doreen Blaker Alden Connor
  Cynthia Curtis Michael DeCota Helen Jondreau
  Carol LaPointe Lori Sherman  
Ojibwa Housing Authority Board Dominic Picciano
Sandra Dowd -Alternate Robert P Mayo - Alternate
  James W. Mayo - If Alternate Declines Gary Loonsfoot Sr. Francis LaPointe
  Kevin Perrault    
Justice Committee - Child Welfare  Michael Cardinal Linda Rabitaille Kim M. Maki
  Elizabeth Matthews Debra Williamson  
Health Board Susan LaFernier Laurie Denomie Allen Gauthier
  Ann Misegan Sandra Pittsley Carl Rasanen
  Wayne Swartz    
Hiring-Personnel Committee Debra Parrish Patricia Gerard Kim Fish
  Debra Piccianno Kathleen Mayo Amy St. Arnold
  Susan Lawrence    
Natural Resources Committe Warren "Chris" Swartz Dale Goodreau Fred Dakota
  Duane Misegan Judy Smith Robert Voakes
  Donald Carlson